Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Bees Knees

Author: Mallory Griffith

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of working on a farm with my dear friend Dr. Bruce Eckholm. He has spent his adult life researching the lifecycle of honey bees and their nutrition. He received his PhD from Arizona. He is very passionate about educating others about the importance of keeping the bees! Although, he is highly educated he was still able to speak to me about the bees in terms that I could understand.  I learned that insects are animals, and these animals are vital to the growth of the plant life around them due to their ability to pollinate. I wish I was better able to explain the research Dr. Eckholm has completed but he is truly the only one capable.  While on the farm, I got to experience hundreds and hundreds of bees. Once past the deafening sound, the bees are incredible animals. We used smoke to contain them, which makes them feel like they need to eat. It was an amazing sight. I got to see the queen bee in action. The beauty of such a creature is amazing, many people are too afraid to get close, but the pain of a bee sting is worth the experience.  This post is purely to appreciate those who protect our honey bees. Thank you Bruce!


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