Sunday, November 30, 2014

Watch Out For Monsanto

Author: Mallory Griffith

While on the topic of GMOs, we need to point out the biggest influence in the creation of GMOs. Monsanto. Monsanto is a well-known company known for making things such as round up, and genetically modified soybeans. What you don’t know about Monsanto is that many of their CEOs are now on the board for the FDA and the EPA, which means that Monsanto a company that produced the problem is now running two of the main organizations that can change the GMO policy. On top of their power in the government, Monsanto is known for taking advantage of farmers by controlling the soybean crop industry. Farmers need to be able to sell their crops in order to support their family and since Monsanto has a patent on their specific soybeans it makes farmers have to give a portion of their profit to Monsanto after producing the crop. Be aware of those who are in power.


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