Sunday, November 30, 2014

Volunteer to Protect Biodiversity in our Forests!

The National Forest Service is dedicated to preserving and promoting biodiversity. Especially important to those of us who have traipsed through Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge or Mt. Hood National Forest, outdoor enthusiasts alike find refuge and solace in these trails and trees.

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the comfort the Forest brings. Forest ecosystems rely on a complex web of relationships – and one of those relationships is with us.

The Columbia River National Forest covers 292,500 acres! Evergreens are a natural commodity in these parts. They grow effortlessly due to Oregon’s perfect mild and wet climate.

Biodiversity can be protected by the simple efforts made by local volunteers. Each year volunteers are responsible for helping maintain trails, taking action to restore damage that may have occurred to local watersheds, monitoring the health of local wildlife populations, responding to emergencies, and providing education. Volunteers come from a variety of places including the colleges and universities that so many of us enthusiastically support. Volunteers with a wide variety of knowledge are needed. Everyone has something to offer.

Take action by finding a local group who supports the diversity in our Forests. Students can check out what resources are available on campus and those who aren’t tied to a group can find important contacts at the National Forest Service website for their region. Protecting our Forest’s are important to both the animal and plant life in them as well as to our relationship to this ecosystem. Find a way to give back to biodiversity!

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