Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cause and effect of soil polution

There are plenty of definitions for soil contamination and for the most part they are all very similar. This article gives a brief overview of what soil contamination, or pollution, is and what causes it. With the never ending expansion of cities, roads and highways and the like, the amount of useable soil has shrunk. Large corporations have only recently had to comply with laws and regulations that monitor and limit the amount of waste and contaminants that they produce. Many of our human waste products contain chemicals that are not naturally occurring in our soil, and the result is contamination. The effects of soil contamination have a global consequence and the responsibility to safeguard our soil does not rest with one person or entity; it belongs to all of us as humans. The article details how soil pollution contributes, possibly, to diseases that have irreversible effects and countless other congenital health problems. There are things that we can do now to stem the adverse effects of soil contamination, but the road to recovery is going to be long and difficult. However, it is necessary for our survival and sustainability as a species.

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