Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soil contamination health risks

This article addresses the facts surrounding the health risks that are associated with soil contamination. Aside from the billions of dollars of food products that are lost due to soil contamination, another and far more serious problem comes with polluted soil. This article outlines risks such as cancer, kidney and liver damage, as well as neurological damages in children. The scary thing is that humans can be poisoned indirectly by soil that, by itself, may not even contain enough pollutants to be considered dangerous. Imagine not being able to allow your child the simple joy of playing in the dirt in your back yard for fear of cancer or some neurological damage. Imagine not being able to or wanting to go on a pic-nic for the same reasons. Soil contamination is not something that you will see the effects of immediately and so it doesn't seem that scary. What is scary is the thought that our children or children's children may not survive because of an inability to grow crops and feed a subsequent generation or themselves. What is scary is watching your child or grandchild suffer leukemia because we could not find a way to battle soil contamination. There are things we can and should do now to prevent what will be in the future if we fail to act.

Danny West


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