Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Preventing pollution of soil


    Soil pollution is one of the major problems taking place today. And there is no one else to blame, but ourselves. The pollution of soil is the result of the presence of contaminants, including toxic compounds, radioactive materials and other foreign and harmful chemicals, in the soil. Therefore, how can we prevent pollution of soil? Strong regulatory programs to minimize soil contamination need to be introduced. Reuse and recycle unwanted items. There is a need to educate public how harmful it is when they litter. If you are a gardener, please make use of organic fertilizers and organic pesticides, because they are usually made of natural substances, are bio-degradable and do little harm to the natural balance in the soil. Insist on buying natural and organic food. Cut down your usage of paper. Why should we prevent pollution of soil? The reason is it will threaten your life and your families lives. Maybe air pollution or water pollution catch your more attention, however, if you ignore soil pollution you may lost all of food you are eating today.


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