Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soil Contamination at Home

Soil contamination is possibly not in many people’s mind since this is something that is invisible to our naked eyes but is around us and are harmful. This contamination is not only a thing that is made from industrial waste or the matter of landfill, the automobiles’ gas emission, certain metals, but also it is from some things we could commonly dismiss for its commonality, such as those that are used agriculturally: the fertilizers to grow our crops, even the ones at the backyard for flowers and vegetables, in which these fertilizers have a certain level of soil contamination due to the fact that they contain heavy metals. For example, those made with waste products contain copper, zinc, cadmium, and lead. Although chemical fertilizers and even the animal manure possibly have the higher level of contaminant than others.

Some of the daily items that many use as well, for instance, the furnishings. Furnitures are absolutely harmless --no, they can’t attack people-- however, the work that is done before they are used, such as the different solvent the chair may need to be applied, could be harmful if handled improperly supposing that the chemical trails off to the soil.

The modern era is a life that many of our generation are used to due to conveniences, the advancements that is made to what is now today. That includes some of the harmful, yet unintentional effects, that are made to the environment. Some things that are in the market today for the public to use may be harmful, but all should be mindful of how we execute a task and our decisions of choosing what to use for our family and everything around, especially if there is a better alternative.


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