Thursday, February 25, 2016

Electronic E-waste

When recycling old electronics, it may not cross our minds about what happens when they are discarded, how they are discarded, or if they are shipped somewhere else. I personally, did not realize how big of an issue electronic waste became to be not only in our country, but in other countries as well. The article that I have posted explains that 51% of iPhone users upgrade their devices every two years along with android users at 40%. With this percentage, it seems that it will rise and that it will end up in landfill, contained with lead and fuel, instead of being recycled.

It is a scary thought that what we once owned is rotting away in a landfill, creating hazardous smells and destroying the ground. It is even horrible that it became too much where we ship it to other countries for them to deal with it for a cheaper price. It is important for us, as a community to understand the outcomes of recycling electronics, and to make sure that what is recycle will be recycled and not transferred somewhere else to be another’s problem.

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