Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hazardous Waste

All waste is not created equal. Products that contain toxic, corrosive, ignitable, or reactive ingredients are considered hazardous waste and should be disposed of in a proper manner. Waste removal methods such as pouring hazardous products down the drain, on the ground, into sewer systems, or with everyday trash can have a negative impact on the environment and people.
            As with any waste if it is possible to reuse the hazardous waste in any way that should be the first option. If reuse is not an option, there are proper ways to dispose of hazardous waste. The availability of proper waste disposal methods is dependent upon how your community has chosen to dispose of hazardous waste. For some communities there may be a permanent site set up to receive hazardous waste. If no such place exists there may be certain dates and location in which a person can dispose of hazardous waste. If neither of these options are available certain companies in your area may collect hazardous waste. For example, an automotive garage may be willing to dispose of motor oil for you.
            The best method to figure out what to do with your hazardous waste is to call your local environmental, health, or solid waste agency. While there is no federal law prohibiting hazardous waste from being thrown away with the trash, the environment and the health of the people in your community will benefit from using proper disposal methods.

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