Sunday, February 21, 2016

Incentives for Solutions

There have been numerous posts detailing the problem and proposing solutions. I get it it's probably overwhelming and you may care but just don't have the time of energy to dive in and initiate a program which could help tackle the problem. Understandable! However there is a simple step you can take to tackle at least two of the three R's.

Most of us can't overcome the crave for that new cell phone, and the good thing is i'm not asking you to. What I am proposing is that you sell or donate the phones sitting in your junk drawer! Best Buy will give you a gift card or allow you to use the credit toward that new device you have been wanting.

Other sites to sell your device are Gazelle,  and uSell. Best of alll shipping in your device is free and simple.

If on the other hand you feel that donating your old device is something you would like to do, there are ways you can do that as well! You could donate your old cell phone to victims of domestic violence through Verizon's Hope Line or donate it to our troops over seas at Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Which ever option you choose will extend the life of your device, allowing them to be reused and in reduce consumption of new ones. With this simple and rewarding (both financially and emotionally) measure we can help tackle our existing and growing e-waste problem.

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