Thursday, February 18, 2016

Solar Farming Landfills Post-closure

 One of our recent posts discussed the long term maintenance of landfills and the 30-year process of post-closure for landfills. A 2014 estimate puts the number of old municipal landfills around 10,000, and even as our waste production is curbed by developing technology and culture there is still the need to manage past damage. One way of capitalizing on this waste-land of landfills is to utilize them as solar farms; developing technology is making this a more rewarding option as more and more states explore these benefits. 

With more states exploring this option there is a better chance of innovation and competition within the market. States such as Massachusetts, Vermont, Texas, and New Jersey have all developed solar farms; most recently Portland is exploring this option as well. Making use of existing landfills as Solar Energy Farms encourages proper landfill management awareness as well as reducing our overall Carbon Footprint (through alternative energy). Knowledge about new developing technologies allows us to not only be more environmentally friendly with current practices, but also offers the exciting possibility to improve past and currently implemented practices in order to minimize their negative impacts.


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