Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cash in on your Stress the Eco Way

Finals are approaching and you are feeling the stress....I hear ya! Although I don't know you, I am going to assume that there will be wine consumption in your future! Perhaps you'll brake out a glass while you study or after the final to celebrate? Eh? Anyways, it doesn't matter when!  I don't want to tell you WHEN to drink your wine, I just want to tell you WHAT to with the bottles and corks once you are finished. 

It's possible your bottles are contributing to that sticky mess on the bottom of trash making you nauseous (or maybe it's the ramen)... Ether way i've got a solution for you! Rinse them out and sell them on ebay! Be specific about the bottle you are selling; crafter want to know. Price accordingly, standard clear and green bottles go for about .50 to 1.00. Frosted or cobalt blue bottles go for about 3 dollars each, but if you have been drinking Dom Perignon, you can make $20 off each one! That's a good deal! Get your friends involved and you've got a business plus no bottles in the landfill!

Ok, I promised I would tell you what to do with you wine bottles AND the corks, so here it is... You do the same thing! Only a little differently. You don't have to clean the corks, but you should separate them. Buyers want to know if the are natural or synthetic. There is a market for both so no worries; add a little description and you can sell them for about .10 cents each, unless you have a rare cork that may go for a bit more. 

If after a while you feel attached to your bottle and cork, keep em! Craft with them! Wether you keep them or selling them the point is to give these bottles a second life and prevent them from ending up in a landfill. 

Happy crafting/ Happy selling to you my friend!!!

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