Thursday, March 3, 2016

Compost to reduce Landfill Waste

Composting is great way to recycle kitchen waste and yard debris. It helps reduce the amount of garbage thrown away that will inevitably end up in local landfills. Have you ever thought about composting? 

There are many benefits to compost, number one is the impact on soil. Organic matter improves the nutrients within soil and how water interacts within the soil. Compost puts many beneficial microbes into the soil that will supply plant life with nutrients. This not only applies to gardens but can also replace synthetic fertilizers used to help plants grow and thrive. 

To find out about the perfect balance of “browns” and “greens” needed to achieve the ideal compost, visit:

The main ingredients to a great compost:

  1. “Browns” which are considered leaves and wood chips
  2. “Greens” such as green leaves, vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and tea bags
  3. Oxygen
  4. Water

Back in 2012, Cool2012 had a goal of keeping all compostable organics out of landfills. Its main purpose was to prevent methane emission and build healthier soils. 

Heads of lettuce, grass clippings, paper products etc… all decompose anaerobically, without oxygen in landfills when they are buried amongst the other garbage in the landfills. They breakdown differently within landfills as they would in a compost pile. By throwing out compostables, it is at the top of the list of human-caused methane. 

Things to consider before throwing out paper products and organic materials:

  1. Can it be recycled?
  2. Can I compost it and help my soil?
  3. What part do I play in climate change and how can I take the steps to fix it?

Although, this is 2016 and the pledge to keep organics out of landfills in 2012 has passed, has useful information about different compostables and the importance of doing your part. Check it out! 

Compost, create healthy soil, reduce landfill waste and methane gas! Your part can be as simple as recycling that cardboard box lying around the house instead of throwing it in the trash.  

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