Thursday, March 10, 2016

Radioactive Waste in Landfills?

When running a Google search for "landfills" and clicking on the "news" tab, one would hope to find some good news sprinkled within the bad. Surely we are becoming more and more aware as a society, so in turn massive problems such as landfills should be becoming less of an issue. Wrong. This is so wrong. For those who aren't actively engaged with the subject there seems to be a level of negligence. The same level of negligence can even be found within the "landfill industry." So much so that radioactive waste may have found its way into Kentucky landfills. The landfills in Kentucky run on an honor system and do not require dumpers to disclose what is in the waste they are disposing of, and because of this radioactive sludge may have found its way into at least two different landfills across the state, and to pile on to already bad news, nobody knows just how much waste has been sent there.

Understandably, checking each load that comes into the landfills would require a significant amount of time, and even money. Some may not think it is worth it, but this situation proves just how dangerous an honor system can be. We all know what the harmful effects of radiation are. Human lives are at risk here. Not just current human lives, but future lives as well. Something about this system needs to change, not just in Kentucky, but also in other states where this is happening as well.

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