Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hazardous to our bodies?

What are ways to keep our body clean and not be affected by any harmful illnesses? We try to keep the air clean; we drink pure clean water, etc. What happens when hazardous chemicals are mixed in, and we do not know? This is a situation with electronic waste. In the article that I have provided states that 90% of waste is being illegally dumped and traded, with black markets growing to sell and buy the items. Not only is this an issue, but also it affects our body by just breathing in the air. An example would be burning wires from an open computer, while it is lit, the chemical toxins float to the air where it stays and gets breathed in. Another is the water we drink. Other countries water that has been dumped with our old materials would be mixed with lead and barium, chemicals that cannot be swallowed or even take a bath. It also affects the soil and even human exploitation, people being enslaved working on these materials they know are harmful to them.             
So what is being done, or what can be done. In the article, international governments to prevent further harm to the people are dealing it with. While they work on their part to change the cities, to give those people clean water and air, we as a country here can do homework by searching facilities that will properly dispose them. If not, then going to local stores such as Staples or Best Buy to take away your old items. Do not throw things away because you are done with them, throw them away and think that someone else can use them when they are recycled and can be used again. result for human body drawing

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