Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Commercial Alternatives

The business sector may be one of the most important groups who can affect change on a large scale. Small businesses in particular have a unique opportunity to buck the trend of simply going along with the most popular lawn care solutions. Here in the Pacific Northwest there are many companies who supply a more sustainable and environmentally sound set of solutions to begin a greater sea-change with regard to how businesses think about their lawn care.

There are many companies who offer more environmentally conscious service than their competitors, and the difference can be staggering. One such business is Willamette Landscape Services, Inc. Their website (Willamette Landscape) outlines many of their practices which take an aggressive approach toward natural and manual weed control, recycling, and preventative measures against fertilizer leaching and spoiling the land.

I’ve already approached my employer about shopping around for a thoughtful groundskeeping service for our warehouse and office distribution depots in Salem and Eugene--tax write-offs can be an incentive--and this has prompted a change in practice already. Those of us in a position to make these kinds of suggestions either to our employers or to other local businesses should take this opportunity to shop around for more responsible commercial services.

Here are a few other local businesses who specialize in this type of lawn care:
Pacific Landscape Management
Oregon Sustainable Landscape

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