Monday, June 6, 2016

Positive Action Spotlight: Stone Creek Golf Club

While golf courses have long been a source of ecologically-minded advocates’ consternation, there are some clubs who have been making progress toward cultivating a more environmentally friendly organization.

This article from a few years ago outlines just some of the initiatives undertaken by Oregon City’s Stone Creek Golf Club ( in order to both alleviate its negative environmental impact, as well as to demonstrate some of its more creative and cost-effective solutions. Over-watering keeps grass roots shallow, meaning they are less resistant to drought. By gradually reducing the amount of water the grass receives, the grass can be ‘trained’ to adapt and grow deeper roots, lessening the requirement of artificial watering. Sophisticated, computer-controlled sprinkler systems detect the need for watering rather than relying on a conservative, static timer which tends to over-water the grass.
Pictured: Stone Creek Golf Club

A few other steps the club has taken include the use of bubbling aerators to reduce algae buildup by physically disrupting accumulation, negating the need for a potentially harmful herbicide. Additionally, wildlife such as hawks are “employed” to control rodents that can damage the greens and fairways, creating an easily sustainable pest-control solution. Stone Creek has since earned multiple accolades for its environmental innovations, serving as an example to others with regard to taking a more mindful approach to sustainability. 

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