Friday, June 3, 2016

Organic Lawn Care, to the rescue!

It is often said that inorganic lawn care products such as fertilizers and pesticides may provide temporary gains from their use and reuse on lawns and fields. But what is not discussed, is just how harmful these lawn care products can be on not only the environment and animals, but your lawn, the soil, and even your wallet. Providing a temporary solution for anything often has long-term consequences. Organic lawn care products help create a sustainable and ecologically growing environment in your lawn, your soil, and will ultimately decrease your carbon footprint. Inhibiting clean a efficient lawn care could influence those around you to do the same. One such local organization known as Clean Air Lawn Care is trying spread this influence in neighborhoods near you. Clean Air Lawn Care is an organization in Portland, Oregon whose goal is to educate and promote organic lawn care.

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Clean Air Lawn Care provides services and products around Portland and it's neighboring cities! They even provide the are with organic treatment programs for lawns in dire need, or lawns who want to go green! 

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