Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fashion brands around the world are becoming more ecologically friendly. Here are 4 of the best.

Fashion has usually been tailored around having the best materials and the best design. Profitable fashion however has been more geared toward quickest time to market and lowest cost of materials and process. In the past few decades, there has been a major push to be more environmentally friendly in all business, including the electronics, car, and entertainment industries. These industries and others have begun to employ changes such as environmentally friendly power sources, fair trade materials, and focus on manufacturing efficiency. Now, we are beginning to see a push for these kinds of changes in the fashion industry as well, as retailers focus less on how much money is being made, and more on the image that they are making for themselves. In an effort to help this industry make this change, everyone choosing sustainable fashion can make a difference.

Here are 4 retailers working toward this sustainable industry.


Known for artisan-made clothing and their social impact.

Krochet Kids gets noted due to their affordable, trending clothing, as well as for their initiatives in better the impacts of the communities that their artists work. Krochet Kids currently employs artists in Uganda and Peru, providing fair wages, as well as education and mentoring programs.


Known for Fair Trade Certified clothing, use of organic cotton, and being a certified B corp.

PACT is focused on making clothes while staying incredibly sustainable. The company is a certified B corp and goes to great lengths to ensure that their process for making clothes is as environmentally friendly as possible. Their clothing is 100% non-GMO organic cotton is definitely a great step toward their goals.


Known for Fair Trade Certified clothing, use of organic cotton, and their focus on environmental sustainability.

It might be surprising for some to see such as large name on a list like this, but not for us, and not for Patagonia. They were one of the earliest pioneers in promoting good environmental and ethical practices in the outdoor-wear industry.
They were quick to adopt recycled materials and organic cotton, as well as become a Fair Trade Certified company.


Known for artisan-made Lingerie and their environmentally friendly production.

Naja Lingerie actively works to help women buy training and employing single mothers in Colombia to work on their hand-made items. They also have a fashion line made completely from recycled plastic bottles. Hows that for environmentally friendly!

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