Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why should we care about sustainability?

Let's face it. Not everybody cares about sustainability. Some don't know why it's important, others don't believe those of us explaining why, and some others simply couldn't be bothered to change their lifestyle. Now, the latter two are difficult, but the first one, we can change. Here are some reasons why sustainability matters.

Sustainability is good for the environment

When we conserve material usage, limit toxic chemicals, and reduce usage of fossil fuels, we actively make the world a better place. Literally. The earth was not meant to undergo the devastating effects that industrialization has placed on it. By straying away from those effects, we give the ecosystems across the world the ability to heal, and become healthy again. Without doing this, populations of plants and animals can die, and the beautiful features of the earth that we have come to enjoy such as forests, lakes, and other places, begin to fall into ruin.

Sustainability is good for animals

By limiting the amount of material collection from animals, we lessen the amount that are slaughtered each year, or forced into cages and are all but tortured. This should be an incredibly simple concept: if we become sustainable, we stop millions of animals from being killed every year.

Sustainability is good for people

One of the aspects of sustainability that many people overlook is Fair Trade, and similar acts.
Humans, like animals, are used and often abused in the process of manufacturing goods. If we start ensuring that our businesses only engage in fair and sustainable processes, we also ensure that thousands if not millions of people a year are not being unfairly treated.

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