Sunday, August 7, 2016

4 Awesome Sustainable Fabrics!

1. Cork

While cork is not a new material, it is definitely a good one. It has qualities similar to leather, and is very versatile.
Cork is fire-resistant, lasts a long time, is easily cleaned, impermeable, and it repels dust and dirt.
As leather has become a less popular material to use for shoes, cork has become even more popular.

Visit Jelinek for more information.

2. Recyclon

Recyclon is recycled nylon which reduces a lot of waste of nylon and allows for cheaper and more sustainable manufacturing.

Check out Repreve if you want to see brands using this technology.

3. Qmilch

Qmilch is 100% natural and renewable, and is made from proteins in sour milk. It is similar to silk, but cheaper, while still standing up to washing and regular use.
It is also naturally antibacterial!

Head to Startupfashion to learn more.

4. S. Cafe

Everybody loves coffee, but in our clothes? Maybe it's not such a crazy idea. Used coffee grounds can be repurposed into fiber for clothing. This fiber has odor-masking properties, yet doesn't completely smell of coffee. It requires less energy in production than some traditional fabrics.

Visit SCafe to see more!

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