Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ethical Places to Buy Leather Goods

Here are some stores and websites that have a reputation for selling ethical leather products.

1. Organic Leather -

Their leather is organic from the cows themselves to the tanning that they do. They use Oak bark and vegetable tannins that preserve the leather as well as use natural oils (from fish/animals or bees wax). The process of their leather tanning takes 5 weeks to 12 months because of the natural way it is done. The farms where the hides come from are small family farms that have cows that predominantly live on open pastures with organic feed when necessary in the winter months. They also must adhere to high moral and ethical principles of hygienic standards, which ensure exemplary standards of animal welfare.

2. Eluxe Exclusive -

Eluxe Magazine was the world’s first ever sustainable luxury publications and now shares the products they have found on their website, Eluxe Exclusive. Every product they carry contains absolutely no harmful chemicals or preservatives. They aim to give you and your family an all-natural alternative to the mainstream beauty and fashion market, and you can shop with the confidence of knowing that they have done all the research for you. Their product lines include, fashion, jewelry and beauty, as well as living products that aid in everyday life like soy candles and vegan cookbooks.

3. NAE (No Animal Exploitation) -

NAE is a Portuguese shoe brand with a vegan philosophy that cares about environmental sustainability. NAE makes leather shoes from everything from cork to recycled tires. They were born under the assumption of no animal exploitation but is presenting collections with design, style and quality. Their biggest standout product is their Vegan steel toed boots made from recycled tires and has the word “Vegan” embossed into the side of the boot. NAE does not use any animal products and does not manufacture shoes in factories that practice human exploitation.

There are many more stores where you can purchase ethical leather goods. Just do your research and feel free to share your findings with us and others in the comments below.

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