Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sustainable Skin Care

The average person today rubs, sprays, and even bathes in almost 130 different chemicals a day. Many cosmetics companies consider most of these chemicals safe. However, others are acknowledging what kind of buildup it could lead to in the end and what these beauty products may do to you. While there are certainly skin-care companies that genuinely care about sustainability and the effect they have on the environment and the people’s health, many are simply chasing the trend. This can be seem in their “outside-in” approach to sustainability. In other words, the most immediate changes we have seen have been external to the actual product: recyclable and biodegradable packaging, non-virgin shipping materials, charitable donations, forestry stewardship programs, etc. Various companies are working on creating safer and simpler alternatives for the environment, where these products are also better for our bodies. You can avoid the worry by looking into a considerable natural skin care routine. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

Simplify your routine.
You do not need expensive creams, lotions or makeup that drug stores and cosmetic stands advertises as the best.  Just really on basic cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and maybe some lotions.

Making sure the product has real natural ingredients.
Some items may claim that they are natural cleansers, but they are not 100% natural, meaning they still may have chemical enhancers in the ingredients. Be aware and look out for “Natural” and “All Natural.”

No need for fancy Fragrances in cleansing products
Soaps, lotions, and face wash may contain mixtures of toxic chemicals to improve scent for your body. It may be okay for some people, but for many others, these chemicals frequently contain phthalates, with can trigger allergic reactions. Some symptoms are breakouts on the face and skin rashes. So try looking for fragrance free products for a more natural cleanse or scent.

Search for organic products
Organic ingredients are usually found from naturally farmed products and were not enhanced with fertilizers or pesticides during the growth. You can find these products by looking for a certified USDA organic seal or label on them.    

At home made ingredients
Try making at home remedies for skin treatments. Many of us struggle with the dry winter skin and lack of exfoliation. Instead of buying an expensive body scrub, we can create our own by combining fresh coffee ground, an ingredient we all may have, brown sugar, and massage oil. Voila, your very own at-home body scrub! Click here for the recipe.

These are a few simple tips in enhancing your daily lifestyle!

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