Sunday, May 28, 2017

Petroleum Jelly Alternative

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One of the more common oil based products is petroleum jelly, This product isn't black and disgusting, it doesn't smell bad, in fact, many of us know this product as Vaseline. Vaseline, the world's first petroleum jelly product was invented by Robert Chesebrough in 1872. For the last 145 years humans have used a petroleum by product that serves as a lubricant, moisturizer among other things.

Many of us have used Vaseline or other petroleum based skin care products because they are readily available and work relatively well. Vaseline is made from the waxy substance that comes from the rods on oil pumps. It sounds gross right? The same substance you use for your chapped lips comes for the rods on an oil pump.

According to, " Petrolatum runs a high risk of contaminants linked to cancer. The European Union, whose cosmetic safety standards are more stringent than those of the U.S., consider the ingredient carcinogenic and restrict its use." That means that using products like Vaseline can affect your health in the long term. So you may be asking yourself, "Is there any alternative to petroleum jelly that do not affect our environment?" There absolutely is!
Waxelene is the current leader in substitutes for petroleum jelly.

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As stated on their website, "Waxelene is the petroleum jelly alternative – made from natural, pesticide-free beeswax and 3 of the highest quality natural & organic oils. Waxelene is smooth, rich and creamy. Our patented aeration process allows the skin to breathe." Wexelene makes a great product without hurting consumers or the environment. The company also makes it clear that they never test their products on animals. Using products like Waxelene is an investment in your health and the health of our world. If you or someone you no is still using petroleum jelly, make the switch today, you wont regret it!


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