Monday, May 29, 2017

The “Thorium” solution, The alternatives to petroleum on Mass scale

Over the past decades, the field of nuclear technology has accumulated a “bad rap” that has instilled a negative connotation in the general public. When talking about nuclear technology, individuals think of fukushima daichi nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, Three mile island and etc.  As result the public and private sectors have taken a step back away from nuclear technology and refocus on other alternative sources of energy. But in the last couple of years, a rediscovery of a reactor design has shown to be very promising and renew vigor in further developing this technology.  The following video below is presented by Jam Pedersen, Co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics for TED-Talk.

Making Safe Nuclear Power from Thorium | Thomas Jam Pedersen | TEDxCopenhagen

As a result, a new race to develop this technology is underway, with China, India and Canada taking the lead and other countries in pursuit.


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