Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are Toxic Chemicals In Building Materials Making Us Sick?

People can get asthma because of that, the building materials have chemicals. By seeing suspected and recognized the list of over 1300 flooring of chemicals that cause asthma, all kinds of materials that adhesive, and insulation are reported to the group’s Pharos database. Because of that Walsh’s team determined important list of target chemicals that cause asthma, people can avoid.

There are 20 chosen chemicals that showed the possibility to not only causes asthma attack, but to cause the onset of asthma. Moreover, building occupants could inhaled or ingested chemicals

Even in green building if there is construction to earning a top rating, like as the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. There is even a probability that these buildings are packed full of toxins, with maybe less of chances for them to disappear.

     Margaret Ross an ExxonMobil Chemical spokeswoman noted that her company has strongly evaluated the safety of their products, and to improve that they meet or exceed the safety and implementation standards of their applications.

         Eventually the point is trying to cut the danger of toxic chemical materials exposures and for doing that they have to start to make a discussion about what kind of product it is used to make the building. In addition, experts said that it is not only building occupants benefit, but it would construction and maintenance crews, and firefighters who forced to breathe toxin fumes released when buildings burn.

 Dr. Howard Frumkin explained that the green building movement appears like building issue, looking at energy, water and resource use.
Furthermore, Hayes said that there is a movement of healthy building, and seen what is the best for people who live in the building. Because of that, they did a comprehensive job to identify methods to build a building that does not have any toxic elements and compounds. 

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