Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Green Building Supply

Now that the myths of green building has been debunked, why not look for safe and non-toxic materials for your next home renovation? Try out Green Building Supply! Their materials are eco-friendly and energy efficient! Don't worry about finding a store location because you can easily shop and order online on their website.

Green building materials of Green Building Supply all meet the following criteria:
1. Non-toxic and safe
2. Renewable, recycled or upcycled
3. Energy-efficient and Energy Star compliant
4. Meet or exceed US or European environmental standards
5. Good reputation in the industry
6. Personally tested by our company

Need more reasons to go green? Compare sustainable vs non-sustainable products and be the judge!

Sustainable products tend to:
last longer
wear better
clean easier
smell better
provide much greater pleasure to their owners
be biodegradable
Non-sustainable products tend to:
be short-lived
require more maintenance
exhibit toxic and foul smells for many months, with some out-gassing undetected for years
compromise the health of individuals and the environment
provide only short-term pleasure
sit in landfills almost forever

If you're curious (and you should be!), you can also learn about the materials used, and why they should replace more hazardous materials in their Learning Center. This includes flooring, cabinets, paint, and more.

So go green and get building! Here are some examples of what Green Building Supply uses! Don't you wish your home looks like this?

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