Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keeping your family safe.

As a parent, I want to expose my children to the least toxic environment that I possibly can. When buying a piece of furniture there are a few things that going through our mind, “is it comfortable?” and maybe “will this match my décor?” However, we usually don’t question what the piece of furniture is made of, and worst, what chemicals are leaking out of it, into our home and into our children.

Think about these facts:

  •  Many baby nursery furnishings emit formaldehyde.

  •  A baby sleeping in a nursery furnished with a high-emission crib and changing table may face an increased risk of developing allergies and/or asthma.

  •  Formaldehyde exposure can cause cancer in the long term.

These chemicals and emissions are completely legal in the United States, so, it’s up to us, as parents to check and make sure what we are using in our home. Here are some tips on avoiding formaldehyde in your children’s (and your) furniture:

  • Ask about the formaldehyde emissions of furniture and building products before you purchase and install them in your home.

  •  If such information is unavailable, avoid products with components made of raw medium density fiberboard or other types of composite wood.

  • Ensure adequate ventilation within your home. Maintain moderate temperatures and humidity levels.

  • Place pollution-absorbing plants – such as spider plants, Boston ferns, dwarf date palms, pot mums, or peace lilies – in your home.

Next time you’re out shopping furniture, make sure you ask what your sofa/crib/chair is made out of, before you even ask yourself: “is this comfortable?” or “does this go with my living room?”

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