Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recycled Paint


If you live in the metro Portland area, you can buy low cost, recycled latex paint for indoor and outdoor use. Called MetroPaint, the program collects unused paint that otherwise would have been thrown away, much of it in harmful ways to the environment. Using recycled paint means fewer raw materials are used and there is less old paint in our landfills. They remake it by adding necessary additives and reblending into current colors. The color matching process is very thorough, ensuring that each gallon will match the next.


The Standard MetroPaint, while not low or no-VOC, is still relatively low in VOC’s, with an average rating of 117g/L. While there are not clearly defined limits for calling a paint low-VOC, the Green Seal group has established some standards to gauge by. A flat topcoat paint should not exceed 50 g/L, while a non-flat topcoat paint should not exceed 100 g/L. And they also offer Premium Certified MetroPaint, which does meet the Green Seal standard of being environmentally preferred.

All colors in the line are made of 100% recycled paint. The White and Cream colors are made of at least 50% recycled paint. Check out the available colors here.

Have any leftover paint that you would like to have recycled? You can drop-off up to 35 gallons free of charge at one of Metro's drop-off sites. Smaller amounts can be dropped off at a PaintCare center.

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