Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tiny houses!

In the last decade there has been a huge spike in “tiny house” building/living. The basic idea is taking up only as much space as needed and living as sustainable as possible. After all, if you only have 200 square feet, how much “junk” can you put in it? You only have what you need and your material belongs are shrunk. 

Tiny houses take up little space, thus, producing a smaller carbon footprint than their counterpart (large houses) and force you to think resourcefully and responsibly. Some are made from upcycled shipping containers, or prefab kits, made from recycled wood/plastic.

For me, living in a tiny house that I can attach to my car and travel and park for a month, is the ultimate dream, its pure freedom. For others, building a tiny house on a large scrap of land and farming is their ultimate dream. What do you think of tiny houses? Would/could you do it?

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