Saturday, August 16, 2014

Brittany App and Where There Was Once Water

    Lake San Antonio : January, 2014 all rights belong to Brittany App Photography 
 As you may have heard through various news outlets California is in one of its deepest droughts in recorded history. That being said, there can be something lost through a news story. Information is gained and the public is made aware, yet what is the lasting effect of that awareness?  For someone that lets us say does not live in California, that individual may feel separated and unaffected by the trials that California is going through at this time. Or rather the issue can be placed in the back of the mind as you, I, or anyone for that matter goes about their daily lives.  When caring for family, jobs, and all the other facets of our modern lives sometimes water conservation be the last of our worries.
    Then there are those individuals who bring us closer to the issue at hand. Those individuals who allow us to see that challenges are present, in such a way which is both insightful and creates a call to action. California has one of these individuals in Brittany Anzel App. Ms. App is a gifted photographer based in California and has taken the cause of water conservation as her own. Through projects such as Cycle For Water, in which she cycled from coast to coast to raise money for the organization Water Aide, to her latest project: Where There Once Was Water, In which she uses photography to stunningly document the current crises in California. It is through the efforts of those such as Ms. App that provide the inspiration for positive change in all of us

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