Sunday, August 17, 2014

How much does it cost to save?

We’ve talked a lot about saving water and how to save water but it might be interesting to know how much these products cost and how much they are really saving you.

Shower heads
Showering accounts for about 30% of a home’s total water consumption.  Changing your shower head is a great way to reduces this percentage.  You can get shower heads that flow rates start at 1.25 gallons per minute (the average amount is 5 GPM).  For a typical 10 minute shower you can use from 25 to 50 gallons of water!! Places like Home Depot or Lowes can at least provide you with something that makes 3 GPM.  The price ranges from $10.00 to $200.00.  So everyone can make this change!!

Lawn and Garden
Keeping your front yard watered is necessary for some neighborhoods.  There are plenty of ways to make sure that you're not wasting too much water.  You can use a soil moisture meter to determine the moisture level.  They run for about $15.00 to $150.00.  Also, there is another smart tool called the rainfall gauge that helps save water as well.  It measures the rainfall and helps you to adjust your watering practices so you don’t over water.  A great tool to save money!

Beginner Kits
You can also buy a basic water saving kit that informs you and your kids about the importance of saving water.  These kits come with simple effective products to reduce your annual utility bill to $118 (Electric Water Heater) and $85 (Gas Water Heater).  These kits can run from $20.00 to about $500.00.  It’s a great start to your water saving journey and find them on Amazon.

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