Thursday, August 14, 2014

Water Conservation through Catchment Systems

If you enjoy backyard gardening, green grass, and low water bills, perhaps you should consider installing and utilizing a water catchment system. Systems can vary in complexity and cost, from sitting out a few buckets from a garage sale, to fully integrated top of the line designs. 

From a fully integrated system, rainwater can be filtered and reused in the home for washing machines and toilets. This can be very costly and in some areas very difficult, but it is a great way to live sustainably.
Other options can be super easy to install and will benefit your garden and lawns, or perhaps you use the water to fill up a kiddie pool in those hot summer months:

And for the easiest of ways to collect water, one could simply have their water down spouts drain into their watering cans or flower vases:

All of these methods will decrease the amount of water you use from the utility company and it will also decrease the amount of storm water runoff you are charged for. You can help to conserve precious resources while saving money. What more could you want?

Here is more information on how you can retrofit your entire home for a water catchment system:

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