Monday, November 29, 2010

Gold Mining and Children

Ever imagined why your gold jewelry is so costly? 

It is not just due to the shipping, the mining and the retailer’s cost as you perhaps imagined, you are also paying for the lives of innocent children in the mining villages of developing countries. 

In northern Nigeria, poisoning from illegal gold mining has killed 400 children since March. Playgrounds of these Nigerian children were filled with lead, a chemical that can be poisonous with too much exposure causing irreversible damage to the kidneys, nervous system and the reproductive system. Children in these mining villages, play barefoot, inhale the dust and drink the contaminated water. Such toxin exposure is acute in children as their bodies are still under development compared to adults. Especially in children less than five years of age, over exposure of lead can lead to convulsions, which is uncontrollable contractions of muscles that can be fatal. 

Think twice, research and question; Help save our future! 

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