Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Haber Inc.

As we know, the most widely used and one of the simplest methods for obtaining gold relies on mercury to extract it from the ore.  The problem is that mercury is a very toxic and poisoning substance that affects the miner’s health as well as the environment.  Unfortunately, in third world countries if there is a chance to mine for gold, the dangers and risks are disregarded due to economic struggle.  Because of lack of resources and/or information, the miners have to deal with what surrounds them even if that means risking their family’s health as well as their own.  Luckily there are companies like Haber Inc. who have come up with ways to make life better and safer for these mining communities and countries.
Haber Inc. is a publicly-held scientific research and development company that controls a number of innovative technologies within the areas of separation science, extractive metallurgy and medical diagnostics.  Haber Inc. is responsible for establishing and executing several earth friendly gold extraction programs.
Haber Inc. has developed the HGP (Haber Gold Process) which is an environmentally friendly and highly efficient alternative method for gold extraction and recovery.  HGP is relatively simple, highly efficient, doesn’t rely on mercury, cyanide or other toxins, therefore it doesn’t endanger the health of miners or further destroy the environment. Because of the high efficiency rate, Haber is also able to pay higher wages to their miners.
Haber Inc. has also developed a program called the Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) which works to provide a safe work environment, convert sites to farm land or forestry after the gold is depleted from an area, and creates new employment opportunities plus more, all while still making a profit for the stakeholders.  
By using STAMP along with HGP, 12-15 million miners’ lives could potentially be benefited.  After reviewing Haber Inc.’s website it looks as though the benefits outweigh the difficulties for people and the environment.
For more information on Haber Inc., STAMP and HGP, visit http://habercorp.com/
Stacy Allen

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