Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The lives of those who mine our gold!

Ever imagined the path your luxurious gold jewelry took to reach you?  Unfortunately, it is not a glamorous one!

It is likely that the gold you possess is from Africa.  Ghana especially, is an African nation that earns majority of its foreign exchange from gold.  For poor villagers in Ghana, illegal gold mining has become the main source of living.  And their job safety is at extreme lows with climbing down dark and deep mining pits with no safety gears except for their bare hands and feet, pickaxes, dynamite and mercury.  

Not only is their job security and safety are at risk, the environment their families live is full of poison!  In fact, a study completed by the U.N. has found unsafe levels of mercury in the bodies of villagers including the non-miners.  And, the concentrations of mercury in the fish the villagers consume were found to be three times high compared to the safety levels suggested by the E.P.A.  The level of mercury pollution and the lives of villagers are difficult to save without proper mining equipment and safety gear.

Before your wear that gold jewelry on your skin and enjoy its luxury, research about your gold; question your retailer.  Recycle an old, existing piece of jewelry before you purchase that new gold.  Glitter guild-free!

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