Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reduce deaths rate of miners

Mining is one of the world’s most hazardous professions. We can see from record, 34 mining-related deaths in the United States last year, and half of them in coal mines. In China, there were 2631 mining deaths last year. There are more than 12,000 mining deaths are reported and there are more in unreported.
I was so surprise that there were many miners’ deaths. I believe, it is the most dangerous work in the work. They do not gain lots money from companies but they have to do such the most dangerous work. It is unfair.
        Then, lot of organizations is trying to look green for their mining business. Last year, Green Mining Initiative (GMI) is a program that promotes sustainability through mining and takes advantage of new market opportunities. “It’s about finding innovative ways to minimize the waste produced by mining, transform it into environmentally friendly resources for other uses and leave behind only clean water, rehabilitated landscapes and healthy ecosystems,” says Louise Laverdure, the Director of Green Mining Research at NRCan.
This program focuses on four key area of green mining including: footprint reduction, waste management, mine closure and rehabilitation, and ecosystem risk management. And they are also promoting the use of science and technology to four issues blow:
  • reduce the environmental burden of mining for the benefit of future generations;
  • promote a strong, socially responsible economic performance that will help the mining sector support sustainable communities;
  • support effective policy and regulation;
  • develop knowledge and processes, as well as design equipment aimed at stimulating Canadian innovation expertise and export; and
  • promote environmental protection and sustainable resource development in Canada and abroad.
It is such another good way of mining. It can decrease the rates of miners’ deaths. Green Mining is not popular, but there are many organizations are trying to looking mining green and protect miners. Companies need miners, and they do not want any accidents happened during their hard work, so they are looking doing green now.

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By Wei Hsueh

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