Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Green Gold Mining (2)

Green gold mining is currently generating a lot of inovations with the aim of protecting the environment that has suffered in many years due to gold mines. The innovations have been largely in preenting mercury traces build up intghe environemt tahat usually causes fatal effectsto the public. A Peruvian engineer; Vilachica, has finally designed a gadget that is intended to reduce mercury emissions which have heavily poluted many rivers in the amazon (!-27624-3-1.html) . 
            The invented device is more suited to the small scale gold miners in the amzon who are the majority in the gold mining industry and oblivious to the envirnmental impact of the mining activities. The gadget uses no mercury and can be further used in large scale gold exploration and is very cheap and relatiavely easy to use by the small scale miners.  The device is designed to blend the mineral dirt with highly pressurised jets of air, water and other biodegradable chemicals. This produces a centrifugal motion that results in  many bubbles with the gold specs attached to surface from the rocks. The above method of gold estraction is incontrast to the more enviroenmtally unfriendly method that uses many tonnes of mercury to extract gold from the mud. These methods used by many professionals and other wildcats leave a divastated environment and in sometimes with very little gold deposits that might be considered as economically unviable.
            It is expected that, the patented device would produce up to 95% of the gold obtained through use of mercury which has been the traditional mode of mining. This would save the lives of many miners who use the mercury to exract gold ignoring their health concerns. It amounts to one of the best technologies aimed at savig the environment from eminent destrution mostly in the amazon basin before being circulated in other gold mining regions.
            With an aim of encouraging green gold minig, several companies have been forming subsidaries involving several different companies that join to put their efforts together in ensuring professional contribution in gold mining. An example of the above is the Green Planet  Group Inc (OCTCBB: GNPG) (  This is a company formed by Green Mining Technologies and Earth Explorations LLC that have signed a agreement to acquire and operate their first green mining fields.
            The formation of Green Planet Group consists of a consortium of leading develoepment and research companies with numerous experience and patents in the fields of improving the planet’s soil, water and air. These companies join to introduce new mining methods by doing away with the traditional mining methods which have been credited with massive environmental pollution in many countries. The partnership is more of a research based mining exercise where different professionals that make up the company join to reduce the environmental pollution during mining of the ore, transportation and processing  of the ore to gold. On the same process, the group would develop measures to ensure that, the mines after mining have been put to more productive use instead of living desolate open mines as has been the trend for many years.
            The above group of companies have therfore initiated a viable and promising project which they hope will be bought by many other large scale gold mining companies thereby initiating a Green Gold tradition in mining of precious metals as well as generating revenue from the  sale of such technologies. Through such revolutions in the gold minig industry, the mining activities would be turned from environmental disasters to more productive , health oriented and environmentally viable activities that have both the aspects of revenue generation and environment rehabilitation. 

By Abdullah Alkhaldi 

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