Saturday, August 18, 2012

All You Need is Water.

Who would have thought the development of a machine that produced electrolyzed water in the early 60's would help in today's methods for better eco-friendly cleaning. The science behind this contraption is still being debated, yet it has become widely excepted in Korea and Japan as a medical device. Setting internal health aspects aside the contraption's cleaning capability by using electrolyzed water has shown to be eco-friendly and effective. 

A water Ionizer has the ability to produce acidic (low pH) and alkaline (High pH) water. The water is run through an ionizer containing an electric current that splits the water structure to form two solutions acidic and alkaline water.  Acidic water with a pH of 2.5 is powerful enough to go as far as killing food born illness such as e-coli or as a disinfectant, safe to use on kitchen counters and appliances.  Yet the complete absence of harmful chemicals makes it gentle enough to come into contact with your skin.  The alkaline water of pH 11 works as a degreaser. Many farms use oil based pesticide on their produce to avoid having the rain wash it away, alkaline water is able to break up the oil ( seen in a video under references). The alkaline water is able to emulsify fat making it a great oven cleaner that is also extremely safe without the highly toxic chemicals that are usually accompanied with the household oven degreasers.

A carpet cleaning company based in Los Angeles by the name Zerorez achieve cleanliness on, carpets and upholstery by using alkaline water, claiming to get the job done better than any other conventional method while also diminishing the amount of allergens carpet cleaners leave behind.

It is hard to believe that something as simple as water can achieve all the basic cleaning needs of a household while being green and toxic free. If you are skeptical about the idea do some of your own research or visit some of the links posted below.  It could bring you a step closer to making an eco-friendly choice that benefits you, your family and the future.

 summary of benefits of cleaning with ionized water
-eliminates toxic chemicals in the home
-Helpful to those who are allergic
-cleans your produce by degreasing oil based pesticides
-low pollution potential
-Long term cost efficient
-Disinfects poultry, household surfaces


://  ( demonstrates the emulsifying properties of pH 11 )


  1. Wow, what an interesting concept - use water to clean. Very interesting, what can't the Japanese do?

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