Monday, August 13, 2012

Cleaners and Pets

When we think of household cleaners it’s not often that we think about their effects on our four legged friends. It’s important to realize that these substances can pose serious hazards to our dogs and cats. Below are some chemicals and their effects on humans and pets.  

Chemicals that are Not Safe 

Ammonia - Can burn mucous membranes and stimulate asthma attacks. Mixing with bleach creates a poisonous gas which can be deadly to small pets.
Chlorine - This chemical is in just about everything, dish detergents, toilet cleaners and disinfectants. If ingested it can cause dizziness, vomiting and laryngeal edema.
Glycol Ethers - These are found in glass cleaners, carpet cleaners and spot removers. They can cause anemia, lung damage and kidney damage.

Products that are Not Dog Safe

Floor Cleaners - Pine Sol and Mr. Clean are examples. The residues and vapors linger and are dangerous to your pet. Non-toxic, pet safe cleaners such as lemon water, baking soda and steam cleaning are recommended alternatives. 
Bathroom Cleaners - Clorox Bathroom Cleaner and Scrubbing Bubbles are examples. Pets like to drink out of toilets and these chemicals can linger in and on the bowl or in the water. Try a vinegar based solution or baking soda.   
All Purpose Cleaners - Cleaners used in the kitchen and around the house also pose a threat to animals. Examples are Mr. Clean and Formula 409. Again, lemon and vinegar based solutions are great alternatives.
Drain Openers - These are dangerous and powerful chemicals and give off dangerous fumes long after you've emptied them. Try Earth Friendly Enzymes Drain Opener.
Glass Cleaner - If pets get ahold of these chemicals that can be toxic and produce negative health effects. Try Nature Clean Window and Glass Cleaner or a vinegar based solution.

Laundry Detergent - The residues left behind from these chemicals can pose a threat to pets. They can be left behind on pet blankets and bedding, that can be harmful to your pet, especially those that chew on their bedding. 

As with all chemicals keep them out of harms way and well out of reach of pets. Also, think about what natural non-toxic options are out there for fido and fluffy.  


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