Friday, August 17, 2012

Simply Not So Green

Although Simple Green is labeled non-toxic it contains a very harmful chemical called 2-butoxyethanol and 92 other chemicals according to  2-butoxyethanol when experimented on lab animals has been found to damage red blood cells.  Among these ninety-two other chemicals two more can be deemed very harmful; acetaldehyde as well as formaldehyde which both are linked to cancer and formaldehyde to asthma.   While no proof can be found that this exact formula has caused damage to the environment, the individual chemicals are known to be destructive.  Another harmful chemical which can be found on California's list of toxic ingredients is ethylene glycol butyl ether or EGBE which has shown reproductive damage, testicular damage and birth defects.  The label "Simple Green," can be misleading to many consumers who blindly assume that the company is referring to the environmental integrity of the green labeled product.  So it is important that we educate ourselves in knowing what chemicals our cleaners contain and whether or not those chemicals are harmful for our kids, food, green-goods and etc.  


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