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Biokleen; One of the Many Green Cleaning Choices

Biokleen Products are biodegradable and gentle on the skin;

They are widely available at retail stores all over the Portland metro area, including Fred Meyers.  Biokleen’s products are made used natural products including “grapefruit seed, lime, orange peel, and natural essential oils.” ( They do not contain dyes or synthetic fragrances.  It is non-toxic to humans or aquatic environment.  Their products include laundry detergents, both in powder and liquid form.  These detergents are made of Oxygen Bleach and orange peel extracts.  They also provide chlorine free oxygen bleach; this bleach not only brightens colors and whites, it fights stains and it is also made out of natural products including grapefruit seed extract.  Their dishwasher liquids are not only efficient in washing tough grease but they can also be used as bubble bath and pet shampoo! They also carry produce wash, which removes “pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes and soil”  ( After rinsing, produce is left complete residue free.

            Among their varied amount of cleaners they also provide Septic cleaners, fabric fresheners and multi-surface floor cleaners. They have been awarded Best of Green by TreeHugger, a division of the Discovery Channel.

Automatic Dish Powder?

BKL003 • 32 oz Pwdr

·         Phosphate and chlorine free dishwasher soap

·         Safe for all dishwasher-safe dishes, glassware, pots and pans

·         3x more concentrated, yielding 64 loads


Hand Moisturizing Dishwash Liquid

Swanson $4.69
32 fl oz Liquid

·         Hand moisturizing liquid dish soap

·         Natural, non-toxic and biodegradable

·         Utilizes natural cleaning power of grapefruit seed and orange peel

Biokleen Dishwash Liquid cuts through tough grease and baked-on-foods without the use of toxic chemicals. Dishes, glasses and utensils dry spot-free with no chemical residue or taste. Vitamin E and aloe moisturize, sooth and protect skin all at the same time. This soap is environmentally friendly with no negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife and it is kind to those with chemical sensitivities, as it has no artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives.


All Purpose Cleaner Super Concentrated

Swanson $5.99
32 fl oz Liquid

·         Super concentrated natural all-purpose cleaner

·         Utilizes that natural power of grapefruit seed and orange peel

·         Makes 32 gallons of liquid cleaner

Your everyday cleaning choices affect your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet. Biokleen™ products are concentrated which can help reduce your environmental footprint and create more value by reducing packaging and shipping. This All Purpose Cleaner is super concentrated to cut through the toughest grease and dirt without the use of toxic chemicals. It's safe for most types of surfaces, works with cold water and leaves no harsh residues or fumes behind. No artificial color, no fragrances and made in the USA.

Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus

Swanson $5.17 32 oz Pwdr

·         Laundry booster, stain remover and carpet stain remover

·         Naturally brightens, whitens and softens

·         Chlorine free and color safe

Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus color-safe formula does more than just brighten colors and whites. It contains natural fabric and water conditioners, grapefruit seed extract, and special detergent boosters that fight stains, mildew and corrosion. Also great for dealing with many household stains, including carpet stains. This container is 3x concentrated, yielding 32 total loads.

Biokleen Produce Wash

Swanson $3.65
16 fl oz Liquid

·         Remove chemical sprays, waxes and soils for clean eating produce

·         Utilizes grapefruit seed and lime peel extract

·         Use on food and on your kitchen prep areas

Biokleen Concentrated Produce Wash effectively removes pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes and soil for a healthier, safer diet and food preparation area. It helps hold the natural taste and appearance longer, without the use of preservatives. Produce Wash is environmentally friendly with no negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife and is kind to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray

Swanson $7.45
32 fl oz Liquid

·         Natural, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner

·         Utilizes live enzyme cultures and lime peel extract

·         Great for those who are sensitive to chemicals

Need a spot remover that is safe to use around children and pets? Biokleen Bac-Out® is environmentally friendly with no artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives and no harmful chemicals like chlorine, ammonia or solvents. Bac-Out's live enzyme-producing cultures attack pet, food and beverage stains, organic waste and odors until they are gone, digesting them back to nature safely and naturally.

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  1. The Bac-Out works really good! My neighbor uses the cold water detergent so we are going to try that one next. :)