Saturday, February 22, 2014

Biodiversity As A Brand

What Human Need is Biodiversity Addressing?

At first sight a rich variety of personal needs are addressed by diversity: The desire to learn, Self- preservation, Family protection, Aesthetic enjoyment, Personal health, Positive self-image, Physical nourishment and protection. But which of these is most prominent? Which are increasing? As Biodiversity communicators we must persuade real people that biodiversity addresses their basic needs. Only by doing so will we command consistent attention and maintain mind share adequate with its importance.

In terms of branding, it is significant how few of these human needs are directly addressed or implied in most biodiversity communication. We have to divert away from the abstract and make the issue local. At the heart of every brand is a product, or something that is offered to the market. What is it that Biodiversity does that people can buy and buy into? Biodiversity comprises: Genetic diversity, Organism diversity and Ecosystem diversity.

The Biodiversity product is a multi-layered thing: Biodiversity not only produces ‘things’: water, food, medicines, and clothing, but also services: cleaning the water, purifying the air, fertilizing crops, replenishing nutrients and regulating the weather. We gain knowledge as our insight into genetics, geology, pharmacology, meteorology, biology and many other facets of human existence grow abundantly. The science community has to join forces with the social science community to further the goal of educating the masses through branding and culture awareness.

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