Thursday, February 27, 2014

Technology and Oceans

Our planet is divided into two elements: land and water. The majority of life on earth lives in the ocean. Due to this, people have sought to understand and learn about biodiversity in the sea. Scientists have come up with devices that can monitor the species in the ocean, which gives them the ability to observe the different types of species under the water. These technologies give them the ability to monitor different aspects about their life such as:
1. The movement of the animals from one area to another.
2. The reasons why species die.
Knowing this information about aquatic species is an important aspect of our lives since people rely on the ocean for:
1. Energy.
2. Weather.
3. Food.
4. Recreation.
Additionally, all of this data that has been gathered is available online, so people can take a look at it and see how climate change has affected the environment. People should invest in technology that helps understand the effects which we as human are setting into motion so then we can start to build a stronger and more sustainable relation between ourselves and the sea.

Written by: Badoor Alibrahim
Video from: census of marine life. 

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