Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taking Action


     People nowadays live in large cities where all of their needs are provided for them easily. A person can go to the grocery store and get all of his or her daily needs such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk without acknowledging where these products came from. Living in cities has essentially built a wall between humans and nature. Interestingly however, while people have chosen specific plants and animals to live around them in their cities, they have isolated so many other creatures, which causes less interaction between humans and nature. Therefore, the connection that humans have with nature no longer exists or is as strong as it used to be. People need to interact with the nature in order to understand its importance. Parents have to teach their kids from a young age the significance of nature and how interacting with nature and understanding its significance can influence their lives. In order to do this, children need to be exposed to the biodiversity that they live in. Having a stronger value to the natural resources that we use every day would makes us appreciate what we have.

    Through mediums like lectures for adults and programs for children, we need to teach the general public the importance of the ecosystem that they live in. By expending all the amount of energy that nature has put together to create the basic elements that we use in our life, such as water. In addition, we need to try to do away with the negative effects that we as humans influence on our ecosystem. Finally, it is essential that we teach people ways in which they can protect biodiversity so that we can improve our environment and protect its future development, since each specie in our plant relies on one another.

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