Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Arctic is still Alive

An important ecosystem within our world that we seem to forget (I am guilty as well) is the ever changing and diminishing Arctic. The species that live in these areas thrive on the full range of different ecological benefits it gives them and the many interactions that come out of such a climate. However, with the expansion of humans into this once unknown and dangerous terrain, it is becoming harder and harder for these species to once thrive like they have. Some aspects that have been affecting the Arctic climate include:

1. Industrial development as we become more comfortable with the terrain and need resources.
2. Pollution that is caused by the industrial growth in the area (plus automobile accessibility).
3. Invasive alien species into the area (i.e. humans).

Yet, one of the most noticeable changes that has occurred to this system and is affecting the diverse biology of it is the physical damage to the environment itself. Much of this is seen by the changing temperature in the area, loss of sea ice and, as mentioned previously, the industrial footprint that is becoming stronger and stronger as technology has allowed us to advance in the area more safely.

Biodiversity hits all aspects of the world and it is important to remember that it isn’t just the warmer and more human-populated areas that are affected the most. Even those areas that are not widely populated with human footprints are seeing the effects of biodiversity in their own ways (i.e. climate change and landscape deformation). If we are able to keep that in mind we will be able to help out the whole world as a whole and not neglect areas simply based on the assumptions that because of the harsh terrain that it has that it could not possibly be having problems. As long as we step up and do something about this, we may still have an opportunity to save the Arctic before it gets worse.

Written By: Darius Brodeanu

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