Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ecosystem: Working Together

     An important aspect of biodiversity to pay attention to is the vast arrays of ecosystems that play a role in maintaining balance on Earth. What is an ecosystem? Well, an ecosystem is a community made of different living species (plants and animals) that live closely together with non-living components of the environment (air, water and soil). It is also important to note that without the vast arrays of different ecosystems we have today on Earth, that we would find ourselves not being able to live properly, and in some cases, could easily have been extinct from the world long ago.

     Now, why are should we be concerned with the ecosystem? The importance of the ecosystem is that it provides us with goods and services which we depend on and if we allow biodiversity to greatly affect these areas, then we will soon lose those goods and services that have been provided to us for so long. Also, we should look to the ecosystem as a whole to helping solve the problems of biodiversity instead of singling out one particular species. If we can look at the bigger picture, then we can do a better job at understanding how to fix the bio-diverse issues that have been arising as of late in many of these ecosystems.

Written By: Darius Brodeanu

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