Monday, August 17, 2015

Big businesses can help Fight Climate Change too!

When people look at saving the climate they often look at stopping dependence on fossil fuels and other things that a select niche of companies can combat.  Any commercial businesses and even MNCs (Multi National Corporations) can fight climate change though.  These big businesses can even benefit from being part of saving the climate.  Their employees and owners will secure a brighter future for Earth but they will also get tax benefits and spend less money in the long run.

One of the best ways that commercial businesses can help to save the climate is to become more energy efficient.  Many big countries will give tax credits to companies that are able to produce their own power, sometimes they will even pay companies for extra power that is produced and sent back into the power grid.  Installing systems like solar power and wind power on company land will help companies start to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on harmful sources of power.

Businesses should also commit to having energy efficient technology and appliances in all of their offices and locations.  This will cut down on bills and aid the climate at the same time.  For example, LED light bulbs do not contain any chemicals and last longer.  Not only that but they are energy efficient.  Just replacing 500 light bulbs in your business has the potential to save you over $300,000 in 6 years or $1,971 in the first year.  This takes into account replacing the bulbs and the man hours replacing the bulbs along with annual replacement costs if any.  LED light bulbs last a lot longer.  Think if you replaced all of your appliances with items this efficient.  Your business could be making a lot more profit.  If you live in the United States the section that covers tax deductions for energy efficient company buildings is section 179D.

Along the same lines of thinking many states and countries will provide tax benefits for companies that utilize hybrid, all electric, or alternative fuel cars.  This is because these companies are using vehicles that don’t deplete the o-zone.  There are a wide variety of vehicles that fall into these categories available today from compact cars to pickup trucks.  Buses are even made with alternative fuel capability.  No matter your commercial businesses needs they can be met by a vehicle that can get you a tax deduction.

Every commercial business and MNC should look into combatting climate change and become more energy efficient.  All businesses and corporations are about saving money and there is no better way to do that than by supporting the climate.  Becoming energy efficient is a good start for businesses looking to help the climate.  It is their planet too after all. 

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