Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Make a Change - For Yourself and Our World!

Global warming is everywhere; on the news, in political discussions, and even in the already shifting local weather patterns. It can seem daunting for any one person to feel that they can make a significant difference, but the great news is that any one of us right now CAN! Our actions in aggregate - be it driving cars, using electricity for our homes, or producing material waste - has had the far reaching effects to cause global warming, which in turn holds the answer: if we are causing global warming, then we can also reverse it. Together, our individual actions can champion the cause to fight global warming and conquer it. There is no need to wait for politicians or business leaders; it is our planet and we can start today.

Check out this first link, which goes to an interactive website showing a basic summary of your individual carbon footprint, and how many trees need to be planted to offset that footprint. Put in your numbers: it takes less than a minute and you can see your current footprint on a global scale!


This second link is for a more in-depth look of not only your carbon footprint, but also of changes you can make that would reduce your foot print at home and on the road. It also compares your carbon with the national average. Check it out and see how you can be more green!


After going through the first two links, we see how much carbon we produce every month and year, as well as how to reduce it by using alternative options in our lifestyles. However, even if we drive a hybrid and use solar electricity for our homes we still produce some carbon, so the final step is to plant carbon soakers - aka, trees! There are many ways to support this carbon offsetting cause, whether to physically volunteer and physically plant trees, or - for those of us less into physically connecting with Mother Earth - you can donate money to these organizations, or share information about them with family and friends. Offset that carbon and get involved. It is easy, improves the quality of your life, and helps the Earth that contains all of our loved ones and future generations to come.

For planting trees in Portland: http://www.friendsoftrees.org

For planting trees in major cities in the U.S.: http://actrees.org

Why wait? Be your own Superman and start saving the world today!

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