Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Clean Power Plan

As some may have heard, earlier last week, President Obama announced a proposal to help combat climate change. He mentions that the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency will set standards for the amount of carbon different power sources can release into the air. Currently there isn’t a cap on how much carbon pollutants can be release by the power plants, and by setting the proposal into action, the nation will be able to lower the amount of carbon pollutants from power plants into the air by 32% of what it was releasing a decade ago. This combined with simple steps made by individuals can have a large impact on slowing climate change-which is important because climate change isn’t slowing down and time is of the essence. This change isn’t going to be easy for some power plants, but it’s not something that will happen overnight either. Each state is in charge of setting up their own plan and following through. The individual planning per state is very important to note because some states are already changing their main power source to something more green. Also certain states can easily start using a new power source based on the geographical location (such as hydropower, wind energy or solar), other states are not as lucky and rely mostly on coal or nuclear power-a very non-earth friendly power source. Even though each state gets to come up with their own plan, they will have a deadline to submit their plan.
Across the United States there has been both praise and criticism about the new plan. Some are saying it’s a great idea and will ultimately do a lot of good, as well as look good on the Obama legacy. Others are saying it’s too costly to change and isn’t worth the cost. Overall, one needs to analyze the plan and figure out for themselves if it’s something they agree or disagree with. To see for yourself, check out to view the video and write-up.

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